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Seawork is a great place to meet commercial marine professionals.  The leading European commercial marine exhibition takes place in Southampton, UK, 11-13 June 2024

With the focus on doing business there may not always be the time to find out more about the exhibitors "Behind the Badge".  

In this feature we get to know the people at Seawork a little better.

Episode Five  -  Mehmet Belibagli, Technical Sales Manager, Volvo Penta UK

In this episode Mehmet Belibagli from Volvo Penta UK shares his proudest moment - an impressive sales milestone, his joy at travelling and meeting people in the commercial marine industry, a scary moment at sea, his passion for Mediterranean food and some thoughtful comments on the future of the industry.

Mehmet Belibagli is in charge of all Marine Commercial engine sales activities for Volvo Penta UK, across UK and Ireland. Mehmet has over 12 years’ experience on project and sales management in the marine industry, and 7 years’ sales manager experience on marine engine sales. He holds MBA and Naval Architecture degrees.

Episode Four  -  Mike Besijn, Sales Manager, UK, Damen Shipyards

In this episode of Seawork "Behind the Badge" we find out more about Mike Besijn, Sales UK for Damen Shipyards. We chat about his love of tugs, keeping up with technology, his favourite cities, fears for the future of the world and, on a more positive note, some great advice for the commercial marine industry.

Mike Besijn has been in shipping just about all his adult life. After starting as a galley boy on deep sea going tugs, he rose through the ranks and spent 10 years at sea. Time ashore, at night school, gave Mike the title of mechanical engineer. This is how sales (not engineering) became his new life.

He has been in sales of maritime equipment for just over 35 years. Ships, as one may expect, are at the forefront of all the products sold by Mike.

Mike’s passion in shipping are workboats. The lovely, smaller yet sturdy and powerful boats are the ones he likes most (after all, says Mike, "who needs a super yacht?").

It is the tugs, both old and modern, and the cargo carrying, landing craft vessels with cranes doing the errand jobs in the field, and earning money for their owners, that inspire Mike.

Mike says, "This is a field in which I thrive and makes a difference".

Episode Three  - Ross Negus, MD Southampton Freight Services

In this podcast we find out more about exhibitor, Ross Negus who heads the successful company Southampton Freight Services. Ross shares some exciting news with us about the company's expansion and we find out how one colleague left Ross totally shocked...

Ross Negus joined the world of international freight forwarding 31 years ago, aged 17, working his way through the accounts department initially and then onto road export, ocean export, imports and finally airfreight export, gaining a wealth of experience along the way.

Then, 25 years ago, he started Southampton Freight Services (SFS) from the family home with his brother and father, taking over the reins as Managing Director in 2010 and overseeing a steady and structured growth plan for the business.

Episode Two  - Philip Williams, MD Marine, Williams Shipping

Philip Williams is an experienced shipping and maritime director, with over 20 years working in the maritime industry.

Philip is the MD of Williams Shipping's Marine division which has been providing marine and logistics services since 1894.


Episode One  - Tony Birr, Century Maritime

Tony Birr spent five of his early career years with the Royal Navy followed by twenty-seven years in the police force, finishing in maritime policing.

He then set up his business consultancy, Century Maritime and, for the last seven or eight years, has worked for a number of clients but predominantly Goodchild Marine.

Tony has attended Seawork many times in his various roles and we are delighted he is our first Seawork Connect “Behind the Badge” interview.

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