The Innovations Showcase provides visitors with the opportunity to see the latest in equipment, services, projects and vessels that have been introduced to the Commercial Marine market in the last 12 months.

Located in a prominent area of Seawork, the Innovations Showcase is judged in various categories, with each category winner receiving an Innovation Award and Certificate of Commendation. The overall winner will then be presented with the coveted “Spirit of Innovation” trophy.

The high level of innovation and cutting-edge technology is a must-see for all visitors and exhibitors at Seawork, each entry will be seen by a wide audience of companies and marine professionals. This is an opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their originality, ability to problem solve and make a real difference to the industry with the latest in design and ingenuity. The Innovations Showcase offers businesses the ability to get their product fast-tracked to the forefront of the Marine Industry.

The Innovations Showcase receives a high level of promotion and marketing before, during and after the event to the international Seawork targeted audience of marine professionals. Please contact the Seawork team or see the exhibition brochure to find out about sponsorship opportunities.


The overall Spirit of Innovation award was presented to Searchlight for SL680 searchlight;
"Saving lives has to be the most important thing in the commercial marine!"

Searchmaster in the Safety & Training category for SL680 searchlight.
"A searchlight that stays fixed on an object no matter how much the vessel is pitching is vital for recovery. A true lifesaver."

HST Marine in the Vessel Design & Construction category for HST Frances.
"If you are trying to make a vessel as environmentally friendly as possible, this hybrid vessel is the number one."

Dacoma in the Marine Equipment, Electronics & Materials category for Air Keel.
"A truly innovative stabiliser which prevents rocking and rolling, reducing the number of days that crews are unable to work because of rough seas."

Frog Environmental in the Diving & Underwater Technology category for Bubble tubing for coastal sound attenuation.
"A simple and effective bubble covering solution that minimises underwater noise we considered really innovative."

E-Propulsion in the Marine Power category for I-series electrical inboard.
"This is filling a gap in the market we haven't yet filled, and we can see huge potential."
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