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26 Sep, 2022 /
Seawork Press FP
World’s most advanced 100% electric passenger ferry unveiled
Leading maritime design and applied technologies company Artemis Technologies has unveil...
23 Sep, 2022 /
Seawork Press FP
New firefighting pair join the brigade
Two new fire boats have entered service on the River Thames, London, UK for the London F...
22 Sep, 2022 /
Seawork Press FP
Come on in - the marine world is lovely
The push to recruit the skilled workforce of tomorrow is underway across the marine indu...
22 Sep, 2022 /
Seawork Press FP
New class to be developed to support FOWT
A new class of vessel that will be capable of supporting the next big development in off...
20 Sep, 2022 /
Seawork Press FP
Designing for decarbonisation
Vessel hull design is an intrinsic component of decarbonisation. Balancing the hull form...
24 May, 2019
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A perfect fit for Conference sponsor

Unmanned Survey Solutions (USS) is sponsoring the first of the Commercial Marine Conferences at Seawork this year. It focuses on the Commercial Application of Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV).

Unmanned Survey Solutions design, build and operate next-generation Unmanned Surface Vessels and is an obvious sponsor partner for the Conference.

The company’s stated mission is to make surveying easier, safer, cost-effective and to reduce CO2 emissions compared to manned vessels.  The team has an in-depth knowledge and experience of using sonars and sensors for survey operations and has become a leading supplier of innovative unmanned technology by combining Unmanned Ariel Vehicle (UAV), Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) and Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) technologies for seamless integration and operation.

USS’s vessels are ground-breaking and seek to offer solutions where other methods are expensive and ineffectual. Hydrographic surveys conducted in enclosed, shallow, coastal or inland waters can traditionally be hazardous to both personnel and equipment. USS launched the Inception Class vessel in 2017 as a stand-alone solution to mapping inland waterways, reservoirs, lakes, marinas, ports and harbours. The modular, versatile and robust USV is composed of tough aluminium hulls, weed cutting propellers and a modular payload pod system for a variety of sonar and environmental sensing equipment.

USS worked closely with a Naval Architect, combining its in-depth knowledge of operating sonars and sensors with his extensive sea keeping knowledge and MCA experience to design the game-changing vessel, the Accession Class USV.  The Accession is the first truly modular offshore USV. Simple and easy to use, yet versatile, reliable and robust enough to withstand operating in coastal and offshore conditions.

This year’s Conference topics are wide-ranging with the keynote presentation entitled “Vision and roadmap for autonomous maritime transport system”. Other presentations include Maritime 2050: Regulating for Innovation; How autonomous technology can be used to overcome the everyday challenges faced by ports and “Ubiquitous marine autonomy with advance perception technology”.

The panel discussion is “Learning from the rest” - An Oil and Gas perspective on operating autonomous systems.

James Walker, Director of USS will be giving the welcome address.

To book for the Commercial Application of USV Conference click here.

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