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24 Nov, 2022 /
Seawork Press FP
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24 Nov, 2022 /
Seawork Press FP
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24 Nov, 2022 /
Seawork Press FP
Reducing the admin burden
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24 Nov, 2022 /
Seawork Press FP
Great conditions for a sea trial
Two new Interceptor 48 pilot boats for the MVD Pilots Association in Montevideo, Uruguay...
22 Nov, 2022 /
Seawork Press FP
Fleet Solid Support ships preferred bidder announced
The UK Ministry of Defence has announced the preferred bidder for the UK Fleet Solid Sup...
Seawork Press SH
/ 23 Jun, 2022
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Artemis winning at Seawork

David Tyler, Commercial Director, Artemis Technologies explained, “We launched our 100% electric foiling workboat prototype 3 months ago, so it’s a really exciting time for the company, we have been engaging with the industry for the last couple of years but finally we are able to showcase the boat and technology here at Seawork.  We felt that Seawork was the place to formally launch the product to market.” 

David continued, “We have two workboats that we are promoting at the moment, the 11m walk-around platform, multi-purpose boat and a 12m crew transfer vessel (CTV) and are also developing a 24m CTV that we hope to launch in 2024.  In Belfast we have the foiling electric prototype and an exact replica sister ship with two gasoline outboards, so that we can validate the technical and operational business case for the vessel.  So we are inviting potential clients over to give them a ride on the sister ship and then on the foiling vessel to experience it first-hand.  We aim to deliver the first boats to customers in Q2 2023.” 

“This technology is transformative, during our two-boat testing we have been experiencing fuel efficiency savings of over 90%, the electric foiling workboat offers much greater ride comfort, zero emissions providing huge operational savings.  The efficiency also drives range, for a given battery volume it can achieve over 5 – 10 times the distance than a standard displacement vessel.” 

Artemis Technologies won 3 awards at the European Commercial Marine Awards (ECMA’s) on Tuesday night at Seawork, the overall ‘Spirit of Innovation’ Award for their fully electric foiling workboat, that won the Vessel Design & Construction category in the Innovations Showcase, as well as the Maritime Sustainability Award.  

David Tyler commented, “We were really honoured to win 3 awards at the ECMA’s, ‘Pioneer Belfast’, the 11m foiling electric workboat, is unique, there is nothing like it in the marketplace, there are other foil assisted systems, hybrid boats and a few electric boats with limited range, but in the commercial market  ‘Pioneer Belfast’ is really world leading.  It’s the largest electric foiling boat in the world.”   

“Artemis Technologies is a new brand that has a history with America’s Cup but within the commercial sector we were pretty unknown and we are competing against some pretty big players in the market, so winning these awards at Seawork has given us recognition in the commercial marine industry” 

Seawork has been a fantastic event for Artemis Technologies,  our stand has been really busy throughout the digital platform has been really successful for us prior to the event, setting up meetings and then engaging with leads here and will be a powerful tool after the show to follow up with connections made.  We are really excited to bring the boat here next year.” 

Dr Iain Percy, CEO, Artemis, stated, “It was perfect for Artemis Technologies to introduce the range of eFoiler workboats at Seawork, as the event draws such a wide range of industries.  In the workboat field we have been meeting with all sectors here and the positive surprise for us has been meeting with lots of suppliers, so we have seen other new technologies that can help us make our product even better.” 

Exhibitor; Artemis Technologies

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