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08 Aug, 2022 /
Seawork Press FP
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08 Aug, 2022 /
Seawork Press FP
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Seawork Press FP
70th employee is part of the Women in Maritime pledge
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03 Aug, 2022 /
Seawork Press FP
USV returns loaded with ‘astounding’ data
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02 Aug, 2022 /
Seawork Press FP
Navigating the way to a large business
Harland & Wolff, the multisite fabrication company with over 160 years of maritime and o...
Seawork Press SH
/ 27 Jun, 2022
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Cheetah goes electric with RS Electric Boats

Jon Partridge, CEO, RS Electric Boats talked about being at Seawork after the recent announcement of the collaboration between RS Electric Boats and Cheetah Marine.  Jon stated, “We have seen a really positive response across the industry, Cheetah has a great range of vessels that suit electrification really well and the things that we have learnt over the past 3 years developing our RS Electric Pulse RIB, we can pass on to Cheetah to help them create their electric range of boats as we move into 2023."

He continued, “The RS Pulse 63 that we are demonstrating here at Seawork is the first of the range, and there will be a smaller Pulse 43 and a larger Pulse 78 RIB added to the range in the future.  The first electric Cheetah boat will be delivered mid-way through 2023.  RS Electric Boat’s input to that boat is to support the lightweight construction to help take weight out of the hull, which is RS speciality, so that we can mould this into the Cheetah DNA.  The partnership is based on electrification of boats, however there are areas in both businesses that are great and others not so good, so both companies can share information and mutually support each other, whether it be with production techniques, finance, HR, H&S or general management, so that both these British brands can improve and grow over the next 10-20 years.”

“Cheetah’s range of catamarans are so well suited to electrification as they are incredibly efficient at carrying the extra weight required for the batteries. From a workboat point of view the catamaran platform provides brilliant space whether it is used for aquaculture, passenger ferries, patrol or survey vessel.  The exciting news from a passenger ferry point of view is that the coding of a such ferries for over 12 people is very hard with a combustion engine, but the electric option removes the need for fuel making coding for more passengers easier.”

“Coming from a leisure brand this is the first time for RS boats at Seawork and its like a new world for us, it’s been amazing, very different to a leisure show, the first day was full on with very important customers to both RS and Cheetah, allowing us to close some deals that had been bubbling away for a while.” 

Sean Strevens, Senior Partner, Cheetah Marine commented, “We thought that Seawork was perfect for us to announce our collaboration with RS Electric Boats, we have been exhibiting Cheetah vessels at Seawork since it started and have been building them for over 30 years.  So this partnership us a great development where we can combine forces and share the knowledge gained over so many years in the workboat industry.   The first electric Cheetah is being produced for a ferry that will run between Funchal and Calheta on the southside of Madeira, Portugal.  The ferry will have 150kw electric outboards and will complete the 14 mile route at 14 knots with a 125 kw charging unit at one end, so the boat can go there and back easily on 1 full charge.  We have done a lot of networking here at Seawork, as usual, it’s so great to talk to everyone about our new venture.”

Exhibitors;  Cheetah Marine  RS Electric Boats
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