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18 May, 2022 /
Seawork Press FP
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A selection of Gemini RIBs will be on show at Seawork 2022; three commercial Geminis wil...
18 May, 2022 /
Seawork Press FP
Women in Maritime Day - why the tides are turning for women
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18 May, 2022 /
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Strategic order guarantees supply pipeline
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Seawork Press FP
Going from strength to strength
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17 May, 2022 /
Filip Stefanovic
Spillover effects
How the construction industry can stem water pollution at source
21 Oct, 2020
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Coming to a screen near you

The marine analytics company Marfle has expanded its vessel engine and motion analytics service, Marfle Fleet Analytics, with a new add-on; Marfle TV.

Marfle Fleet Analytics facilitates remote fleet management, helps reduce wearing driving styles, and increases operational efficiency.collects and records marine fleet usage via data collectors installed onboard. Fleet usage is then analysed and presented in an easy-to-use web application, currently used by more than 120 vessels worldwide including CTVs, tugboats and pilot boats.

Marfle TV uses the Marfle Fleet Analytics live fleet data which can then act as a real-time data board for keeping fleet managers and technical personnel informed about the fleet’s current status.  A Marfle TV display can be filtered to show only a part of a fleet – useful for showing the status of a pilot station’s vessels on the station wall, for example, or as a top-level overview for customers visiting office premises.

Marfle TV loops through the vessels in the fleet and maps the routes taken by the vessels, with a 3-hour graph of crucial engine data. Constantly visible real-time information helps staff spot patterns in data, and build crucial insight for improving fleet operations.

Marfle TV features and displays vessel data:

Vessel operational status

Current speed

Position and heading with speed vector on a nautical chart

Past track of the vessel

Fuel consumption

Engine RPM

Coolant temperature

Exhaust temperature

Engine load

Watch the video here

Marfle TV from Marfle on Vimeo.

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