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29 Jan, 2020
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Fischer Panda variable speed hybrid DC generators

Fischer Panda UK is introducing a range of variable speed hybrid DC generators for electric propulsion, ideal for small to medium size work boats and commercial vessels.

The new VS Series strengthens Fischer Panda’s portfolio of technologically-advanced, green propulsion solutions meeting the demands for more efficient and smarter hybrid systems to support the move to electric power.

The VS Series gensets advance green motion technology in electric propulsion by enabling the generator speed to be regulated in accordance with the required power. Reducing noise and fuel consumption, the engine RPM of the variable speed hybrid DC generator can be adjusted to meet the propeller power demand.

Available in various output voltages up to a current of 300 A and an output power of up to 100 KW, the VS Series enables either silent electric cruising powered from the battery bank alone or hybrid cruising using the batteries and the variable speed DC generator as a range extender.

In emergency mode, the variable speed hybrid DC generator can power the drive system directly. Silent on-board power with battery only for domestic appliances can be supplied indirectly using an inverter, or owners can opt for hybrid on-board power using the battery and generator during periods of high-power demand.

A new control system, called the FP Control, which allows various set-ups as well as the connection to a CAN BUS system, monitors the VS Series. It provides information on the generator, as well as the connected drive system and batteries, to update data on overall power being drawn, power supplied for battery charging and the electric drive system. When using batteries only, the battery-charging status, as well as the remaining drive time, are also displayed. An autostart function prevents the batteries from being drained and a digital display shows up-to-date information.

The VS Series gensets are compact in size and low in weight for easy installation and are all supplied with the Fischer Panda super silent sound insulation capsule. Suitable for all electric boats, the range includes the 20-VS, 35-VS, 50-VS, 75-VS and 100-VS models.

Chris Fower, Sales and Marketing Director, Fischer Panda UK, said: “We are focused on helping our customers with the most efficient hybrid systems as owners look for green propulsion solutions. Fischer Panda is already renowned for its variable-speed diesel generators for on-board power, so the launch of the VS Series for battery-charging represents the next step forward for electric boat owners.

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