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/ 11 Nov, 2021
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Fleet optimisation delivers

Passenger-cruise and ferry service provider Captain Morgan Operators Ltd (Captain Morgan Operators) has committed to the continued optimisation of its iSeeMalta ferry operation with Reygar’s BareFLEET remote monitoring system, following a successful first year of service.

Developed by Reygar Ltd (Reygar), provider of innovative remote monitoring and reporting platforms for vessel operators, BareFLEET couples the latest remote data collection technology with advanced vessel performance software to enable optimised performance, reduced downtime, and other critical efficiencies.

Operators of passenger ferries face additional pressures to their counterparts in commercial and industrial shipping, with business success reliant on positive customer experience as well as efficient and optimised operations. This is especially true for island nations and archipelagic regions, where passenger ferries are critical to transport infrastructure. In such environments, remote monitoring and reporting technologies have a key role to play in helping operators improve performance, cut down-time, and ensure smooth operations across their fleet.

BareFLEET arms fleet managers with critical vessel data across machinery health and maintenance, environmental performance and emissions, sea and weather conditions, fuel consumption and more, enabling them to monitor fleet health and plan maintenance to maximise availability, and optimise sea keeping and route planning for enhanced ride comfort for their passengers.

Since taking delivery of four new vessels for its iSeeMalta ferry fleet in 2020, with BareFLEET installed as standard by shipbuilder Wight Shipyards, Captain Morgan Operators has seen a great improvement in the efficiency of its operations, particularly in optimising fuel consumption and engine performance. Detailed activity logs and maintenance tracking interfaces enabled iSeeMalta to trace daily performance and identify and address inefficiencies, allowing for greater control over operations.

JeanBert Gatt, Chief Operating Officer at Captain Morgan Operators, said: “We recognise the potential for enhanced digital capabilities in improving performance and creating a better experience for our customers. Bringing four new state-of-the-art vessels to the Maltese market gave us the opportunity to engage with such technologies to maximise the potential of our services.

“BareFLEET has become an important part of our success story in delivering a reliable and reputable service to our customers over the past year, and we are pleased to continue our relationship with Reygar moving forward.”

Chris Huxley-Reynard, Engineering Director, Reygar, said: “We’re very pleased to continue supporting Captain Morgan Operators with their iSeeMalta service. Technologies like BareFLEET are still relatively new to the passenger ferry market, and we congratulate JeanBert and his team on stepping up as early adopters in their market. We are confident that the competitive edge granted by their decision will drive the uptake of remote monitoring and reporting software across the sector.”

Exhibitor: Reygar Ltd.

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