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Sven Fromm
/ 14 Sep, 2021
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Greener and more cost effective Filtration/Separation solutions

Arctic Viking – Replacement of lubrication oil separator with GreenOil 
Arctic Viking with homeport in Faroe Island replaced the existing separator with GreenOil filtration system
for the engine lubrication oil on the Wärtsilä 32 engine. 
GreenOil WP1-P2-750 was installed to ensure optimal
cleaning of the engine lubrication oil, with minimal
operations cost and much less maintenance and man hours.
Finally, the GreenOil system don’t produce any sludge, where
the environmental footprint plays a big role with also much
less energy consumption.
Customer comments:

“This system is performing much better than we expected
when we bought and installed the system.
We have now after 3000 engine operating hours replaced the
filter elements. We use only a small amount of lub. oil and we
have no sludge waste product.
We are happy about the service provided and performance.
We would certainly recommend this system!”
Owner of Arctic Viking
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