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Seawork Press FP
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Seawork Press FP
/ 05 Apr, 2022
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It must be LUV

The second of a new type of rugged aquaculture workboat is on its way to a sustainable fish farm company operating in the lochs and estuaries of the Western Isles of Scotland.

Kames has taken delivery of the Damen LUV 2208 to improve waterborne operations at their steelhead trout farm. The robust vessel offers an ideal platform for demanding aquaculture operations.

The Damen LUV 2208 (Landing Utility Vessel) offers large deck space, a heavy crane and two capstans to handle lines and nets at the farm. The boat is optimised for aquaculture jobs thanks to the deck lay-out with the bridge and accommodation situated at the side of the deck, leaving more open deck space and unobstructed length from bow to stern for large loads.

High deadweight of the vessel adds to its buoyancy while operating the crane. A ramp at the bow offers the possibility of beaching and opening the front to load or offload large items directly from the deck. The bottom plate and the bow ramp are constructed from extra strong steel plates to withstand beaching and landings in touch conditions.

Fendering is very tough, with thick rubber mounted to the hull sides to decrease impacts from other boats, quays or floating farm equipment. The mounted fendering offers superior protection to the frequently seen car tyres hanging alongside the hull. Crew safety is improved by high bulwarks and robust stairways outboard for getting on and off smaller boats during the work around the farm.

The Damen LUV 2208 was built at the Coastal Workboats yard in Exeter. Damen Shipyards works in close co-operation with the British yard. The Kames boat is the second of this type to be built, a third LUV 2208 is under construction. The first one was delivered to Organic Sea Harvest from the Isle of Skye in the Scottish Sea, a sustainable salmon farm.

Damen says that it is confident that this type of vessel is what aquaculture needs. In addition to those in-build and vessels completed, four more LUV 2208s are now to be built, enabling Damen to deliver from stock. Kames will be able to start work with their new vessel in early April.

Exhibitor: Damen Shipyards
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