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Juuso Savolainen
/ 24 Sep, 2021
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Kewatec renews its graphic profile to highlight the company’s new era

The merger of Oy Kewatec AluBoat Ab and Weldmec Marinen Oy in 2020 has created the conditions for a significant expansion of the market and a need to update international visibility. Kewatec’s graphic profile has been updated and under the name Kewatec has been added a name Shipyards instead of the previous word AluBoats. The word describes a plural shipyard that reflects the operations of several locations, which is the most descriptive word for the company’s expanding business, which includes the design, manufacture, and maintenance of professional boats.

Kewatec’s new logo describes a new era, internationality, and growth. The logo uses the previous colors, and the typography has been slightly modernized. A square element has been added to the logon, which is a wave element taken from the previous logo and moved inside the square. The square describes the wave, the sea, and the coastline.

Today, the logo is displayed publicly on the website and on the company’s facades both in Kokkola and Porvoo, while the staff takes the logon into use in communication. The introduction of the common logo will be an important factor in Kewatec’s and Weldmec Marine’s merger. Now the companies look one and feel like one.

Strong orderstock

The combination of the companies’ skills has produced results. The total value of new contracts received in the first half of the year is approximately EUR 30 million. Including customers options, the total value rises to EUR 57 million. Significant deliveries of new aluminium boats have been agreed with the Finnish Navy, Midocean (Sweden), Geological Survey of Norway (NGU) and the Icelandic Search and Rescue Association (ICE-SAR). The coming years look very promising and the orderstock is at a record high, currently around EUR 35 million, in addition there are valid options worth around EUR 40 million. The offerstock is strong and is expected to strengthen the orderstock in the long term.

Kewatec consistently develops new purpose specific boat solutions for its customers always considering increasing environmental requirements. With the latest orders, Kewatec shows that the company is the Nordic region’s leading manufacturer of professional aluminium boats with expansion to the rest of Europe as well as e.g., Middle East. Demand for professional aluminium boats has been high during the year and the development in orderstock has been strong. Thanks to the sales work, the orderstock includes defense-, research-, rescue-, and fireboats, of which the largest are more than 20 m long.

Kewatec’s boat design, manufacturing and delivery are focused in Kokkola and Porvoo and the installation and maintenance operations has also expanded to Bergen, Norway, through its subsidiary Martec AS. With solid growth, Kewatec will continue to recruit and invest, strengthening Kewatec’s important role as an employer and a company that offers career opportunities in the boat industry in both Kokkola and Porvoo regions.

Exhibitor: Kewatec AluBoat Ab

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