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21 Jan, 2020
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Life after winning the Young Person's Development award

Eighteen-year old Lauren Hounsome won the Young Person's Development award at the 2019 European Commercial Marine Awards, sponsored by A-Plan Insurance.

Lauren is now a BP engineering cadet, studying at South Shields Marine School.

The judges were impressed with Lauren’s dedication and commitment to developing both her career and education within the maritime industry. Presenting the award Seawork CEO, Andrew Webster commented, “With a clear vision for a career afloat and plans to use her bursary to support her studies, Lauren is a worthy winner”.

Lauren is now well into her foundation degree but recently found time to give us an update on her progress…

“I am in phase one of my degree and am just about to go off to sea at the end of January. My first ship is a crude oil tanker. It’s currently in America but I have been asked to get an Australian visa. I will be at sea for four months.”

Lauren’s role on board will be as engineer cadet and she “will help out with the “nitty gritty” jobs – cleaning, servicing, working with the second engineer.”

Her training at college is giving her the basic knowledge required to be able to go to sea with much of her time spent being taught the engineering background so that she can then apply it when at sea.

Lauren’s second sea phase will be for nine months, all part of her three-year course. Lauren tells us that her course is rated as one of the “most difficult foundation degrees in the UK” and she ruefully admits that “it’s definitely lived up to it”. But Lauren also says she is loving it and would recommend it to anyone.

Lauren’s prize was a £850 bursary and she told us she has spent it wisely – equipping herself with a new “Mac” laptop to help with her many assignments and paying for her accommodation bond at college. She was delighted to win the prize and says,” it definitely helps towards a future career. It relieves the stress a little; its’ a very stressful time moving away from family to go and study.”

We wish Lauren good luck on her first phase at sea. Happily, Lauren is back in time for Seawork and will be joining us for this year’s Award ceremony on the evening of Tuesday 9 June 2020.

Nominations for the 2020 ECMAs are now open - go here to nominate someone for this year's Young Person's Development Award

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