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29 Sep, 2022 /
Seawork Press FP
Riverbusting the new regulations
A new sustainable Pusher Tug provides a state-of-the-art solution for new European emiss...
29 Sep, 2022 /
Seawork Press FP
Joining the fleet
Marine civil engineering contractor and marine plant hire specialist Teignmouth Maritime...
29 Sep, 2022 /
Seawork Press FP
Strong market foothold acquired
Manor Renewable Energy (MRE) has announced the acquisition of OPUS Marine (OPUS), a Germ...
28 Sep, 2022 /
Seawork Press FP
Saving a million tonnes
Accumulated CO2 reductions equal to that which a 16,000-hectare rainforest consumes in a...
27 Sep, 2022 /
Seawork Press FP
Smooth and safe operators
Responsible for all the safe operations of commercial vessels and interactions between l...
13 Jun, 2019
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New Products, New Branding, New Era

In 1976 an engineer started a company manufacturing water jet propulsion units and boats some 30km from the coast of Finland in a small town named Alaharma.

At Seawork Alamarin-Jet introduced two new product lines and a rebranding of the company which represents their past and most importantly their future.

The OMEGA series water jet line is the new range of high power, high thrust jets which takes Alamarin-Jets range from ‘small’ to ‘medium’ sized water jets. The AJ „¦42 is the first model to be released, with a max input power of 2000HP and unique features such as the Dual Angle Shaft (DAS). Frame Integrated Bearing Structure (FIBS) and Modular Intake Geometry (MIG), the new jet range epitomises Alamarin-Jets dedication to user-focused, highly efficient and innovative design.

The Omega series pump design is based on the same foundations of Alamarin-Jets AJ 245, AJ 285 and AJ 340 pumps which have been proven to massively outperform the competitive products in their size range and above.

The Omega Series promises high speed efficiency (55+ knots) while maintaining extremely high bollard pull and cavitation margins.

To accompany the Omega series water jets, Alamarin-Jet are also introducing the SIGMA Propulsion Control System. A fully CAN based and modular control system which is built to perform in the most demanding and harshest environments. The modularity of the system enables the Sigma controls to be just as suitable in a luxury vessel as it is in a military interceptor or windfarm crew vessel.

For more information on the company and the new product lines visit

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