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26 Jan, 2023 /
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£1.6b contract to deliver 2000 jobs
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19 Jan, 2023 /
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Tugboats to reap the benefits
A prototype electric motor unit that will achieve the industry's highest class output de...
20 May, 2021
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Protecting crews with real-time data

VIMMS (Vessel Impact and Motion Monitoring System) is the latest addition to Dyena Systems range of vessel monitoring solutions.

VIMMS includes a helm unit and two remote sensors for measuring accelerations on the vessel structure and at the helmsman’s seat. The twin LED display provides simultaneous information on the impacts received by the vessel and crew. Configurable settings allow the operator to set relevant thresholds to match LEDs response to the vessels expected operating conditions.

Real time feedback allows the helmsman to adjust their speed or course before limits are exceeded, reducing repeated shock and whole-body vibration exposure to the crew or damaging shock impacts to the vessel and equipment.

If the upper limit is exceeded an indicator will remain lit, requiring a manager to reset the unit by entering a pin number on the front keypad, alerting the origination that an incident requiring investigation may have occurred. Data can be downloaded from VIMMS for further analysis. The IP67 flush mounted helm unit measures only 150mm x 45mm (6” x 2”), allowing it to be easily retrofitted to existing vessels. The daylight readable display can be dimmed for night operations.

Developed in conjunction with leading shock mitigating seat manufacturer, SHOCKWAVE Seats, to meet the requirements of their military and US Coast Guard users, VIMMS is currently deployed across three continents and now available to commercial operators and boat builders.

James Glover, Managing Director of Dyena Systems commented, “VIMMS was developed in collaboration with SHOCKWAVE Seats to the US Coast Guard’s specification, providing a system that directly meets their needs. The system is very simple to fit and works straight out-of-the-box with a clear and intuitive display. VIMMS is intended to be a stand-alone system, but we can expand the capabilities and link it with our other products if the customer requires additional features.”

Sean Gerrett, Sales Manager at SHOCKWAVE Seats added, “With shock mitigating seating it is possible for the operator to drive a boat harder and faster, potentially increasing the risk of injury to crew or vessel integrity. With VIMMS, our customers can maintain operational oversight of the vessel, reducing the risk of injury to personnel and damage to their assets.”

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