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/ 27 Jun, 2022
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Safe passage in sight with OSCAR Navigation

Patrick Haebig, Business Developer, OSCAR Navigation, explained. “The OSCAR Sentry is a collision avoidance system, but more than that it combines thermal and colour cameras to a powerful computer with AI on it, that will automatically detect floating objects on the ocean’s surface day or night.  As soon as OSCAR detects an object or target it draws a boundary box around it on the screen and tell you what it is, ship, sailing boat, buoy, jetski or person in the water, as well as the distance to it, all displayed in our own application.”

“This Sentry unit is special as it can not only be used for collision avoidance but also perimeter surveillance, which is of interest to coastguard, search and rescue teams and superyachts.   OSCAR can also track multiple objects which is of great importance in search and rescue situations, as the system will monitor all persons in the water, so that the effort can be put into rescuing casualties one at a time while OSCAR automatically keeps track of all their positions.” 

This system was launched in January 2021 and OSCAR Navigation is at Seawork to launch the system to the commercial marine market in the UK.

Patrick continued, “Seawork has been very good for us as in the recreational sector we might explain and demonstrate the system to 20 individuals and possibly convert one of these to a customer, but here we are talking business to business and for commercial applications across many sectors of the commercial marine market, so we are speaking to the same amount of people for the same amount of time, but with the opportunity to sell multiple units to one customer.  We have signed one contract here already at Seawork for numerous products.”

OSCAR stands for Optical System for Cognition And Ranging and is the first AI based system, available for both motor vessels and sailing yachts.  The OSCAR systems are designed to detect hazards that cannot be detected by radars, AIS or sonar. As a result, OSCAR prevents collisions with any potential threat a vessel can encounter at sea. Be it other vessels, unidentified floating objects such as logs, buoys or containers, as well as sleeping sea mammals. The system alerts the crew of any potential danger and tracks the position and distance of that threat.

Exhibitor: OSCAR Navigation
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