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Seawork Press FP
/ 26 Apr, 2022
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Speeding to Seawork 

One of only two of its type in non-military ownership ‘British Venture’ is a VSV (Very Slender Vessel) originally built for insertion of special forces. She will be taking part in Speed@Seawork on Monday 20 June and then on show on berth VB32 at Seawork itself. 

The vessel, capable of fifty knots, has recently completed a total refit and conversion and is now used for technology research by strategic partners Simrad® and Ambex to develop new products and applications. 

Powered by a pair of new 500 HP Caterpillar engines linked to France Helices Surface Drives, ‘British Venture’ features a unique wave-piercing hull-form designed to slice through the waves rather than jump over them. 

A comprehensive new propulsion package is combined with the latest commercial-off-the-shelf Navigational Situational Awareness package provided by Simrad® includes commercial multi-function displays, radar, sensors and Simrad® Command all integrated by Ambex to create a navigation management system suitable for use on professional vessels. 

Simrad® Command is an advanced configurable graphical user interface combining a sleek design with a configurable interface that simplifies monitoring and control of all systems onboard - all fully customizable, from the colour and design of the interface to the number of utilities connected to the system and is based on the idea that every electrical system on a boat (such as lights, anchor, engines, bilge pump, batteries, fridge etc.) can be directly monitored and/or managed through a Simrad® multifunction display, depending on the needs of the end user.  The client has freedom to decide the level of complexity and quantity of data to be displayed thanks to the system’s innovative configuration solution.   

Navigation and platform management system integration is key to achieving full performance in increasingly complex platforms; ‘British Venture’ is no exception as controls and displays are integrated into the seat arms and backrests ensuring that the crew can operate everything they need to even when properly seated in high speed, high intensity situations. 

Working closely with Simrad®, Ambex has forty years’ experience in the military sector; enabling the creation of a test, trials and development platform for the military and commercial marine sector and providing industry partners an opportunity to test and develop new products and systems on a unique vessel. 


Exhibitor: Simrad 

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