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18 May, 2022 /
Seawork Press FP
Ready for action at SEAWORK 2022 
A selection of Gemini RIBs will be on show at Seawork 2022; three commercial Geminis wil...
18 May, 2022 /
Seawork Press FP
Women in Maritime Day - why the tides are turning for women
UKSA, the Isle of Wight based charity and leading maritime training academy, recently an...
18 May, 2022 /
Seawork Press FP
Strategic order guarantees supply pipeline
​​​​​​​Disrupted global logistics and supply chain bottlenecks have caused...
17 May, 2022 /
Seawork Press FP
Going from strength to strength
Soaring demand has led to new and larger premises and an expanding team to fulfil all th...
17 May, 2022 /
Filip Stefanovic
Spillover effects
How the construction industry can stem water pollution at source
Seawork Press FP
/ 02 Feb, 2022
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Welcoming the BOS

The UK’s largest marine electronics distributor has introduced the BOS brand to their portfolio.

SMG Europe has welcomed the new addition to the catalogue, initially listing the BOS LE300 Lithium Extension Battery.

The BOS LE300 Smart Battery System is a fully scalable solution to add lithium capacity to any lead acid battery, enhancing performance and upgrade capacity of lead-acid batteries in solar or any applications with storage needs.

Easy to install, by simply connecting the LE300 in parallel to lead-acid batteries, they can be used with new or existing 12 V lead-acid battery systems and multiple units can be stacked in parallel.

The compact design, modularity, scalability and intelligent technology enables the LE300 to be used for any application and any capacity requirement, from solar home systems to mobile applications like caravans and boats.

The advantages of Lithium:

· Optimum Charging & Discharging Cycle

· Prolongs the lifespan of both Lithium and Lead acid batteries, at low cost

· Robust housing for marine. Protected against vertical & horizontal movement

· Low temperature resistance. Works with any climate

· Intelligent Plug & Play design. Ease of installation

A fully scalable solution to add lithium capacity to any lead acid battery. An intelligent Plug & Play design allows easy installation, which once installed prolongs the lifespan of both Lithium and Lead acid batteries.

Exhibitor: SM Group (Europe)

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