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04 Jun, 2019
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Wind farm pioneers sponsor Maritime Professional of the Year Award

MHO-Co, the pioneer of the world's largest windfarm "taxi's", is supporting the celebration of exemplary individuals in the commercial maritime sector by sponsoring the Maritime Professional of the Year Award.

MHO-Co’s mission is to deliver ships that are larger and more seaworthy than others who service the industry today. Our vessels work very efficiently with an operation that also has the advantage of being 'green'. "This adds value to the entire value chain in any offshore wind turbine operation," says CEO Mik Henriksen. "We design ships specifically with a focus on safety, reliability, comfort for technical staff and with operational boundaries that surpass everything else."

The goal of MHO-Co has always been that the vessels must be operated and maintained to enable the client to have them available 365 days a year.   The newest ships in the fleet have already proven this. Their performance has been better than expected during the construction process with service speeds of 23 knots achieved by 20% lower consumption than the theoretical calculators showed, which also results in an even more comfortable passage. Additionally, these ships can work on site for up to 2 weeks without support or port calls.

MHO Gurli and sister ship MHO Esbjerg are both state-of-the-art Crew Transfer Vessels, said to be currently the largest and fastest in the world. The manoeuvring of the two vessels, exceeded expectations, proving stable enough to allow safe approaches to the turbines in up to 2m waves. Each has a large front deck of over 100 m2, able to transport, for instance, 2x40 "container or 11x10" containers. The ship is also equipped with a moon pool, so that diving tasks, surveys or seabed surveys with an RUV can also be performed.

MHO-Co believe the benefits of its vessels come from their design, improved capabilities in bad weather, fuel efficiency, load capacity, proper management of equipment and faster vessels.

MHO-Co use modern design and fewer materials resulting in lighter vessels. This is achieved by in-house expertise, experience from the fast ferry business and collaboration with leading naval architects, in this case Incat Crowder.

The new CTV’s will be able to operate 10-20% days more, which will have significant value for the customer. They will also provide better comfort (less chance of seasickness) compared to existing CTV’s, because of longer boats and optimized hull shape.

They have a load capacity of 65-ton incl. fuel because of the bigger size. Competitors typically have a load capacity between 7-25 ton incl. fuel.

The focus on proper management of equipment will lower maintenance costs substantially. Equipment will be ordered and guaranteed as close to the operational area as possible, which will decrease downtime.

These new CTV’s are approximately. 20% faster, which means the technicians will spend 20% less time on transfers.

The expertise and work of MHO&Co will certainly continue to drive the MHO & Co group of companies forward. The ambition is for the companies to become the leading developer and operator of XL-CTVs, LUVs (Light Utility Vessels) and FSVs (Fast Support Vessels) and at the same time to determine the future standard for fast vessels operating more than 50 Nm offshore.

The Maritime Professional of the Year Award will be presented at the European Commercial Marine Awards, sponsored by A-Plan Marine Insurance, on the first evening of Seawork, Tuesday 11 June.

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