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15 Jan, 2020
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WorkFloat got into the "spirit"

Toby Budd, founder and Managing Director of UK company, WorkFloat was delighted to win the overall 'Spirit of Innovation' Award at the 2019 European Commercial Marine Awards (ECMAs), sponsored by A-Pl.

WorkFloat is designed to bridge the gap in the market between small workboats and the larger, more expensive workboats and mulitcats that require to be moved on the road using costly low loaders and which need a crane or hoist for launching and recovery.

WorkFloat 'folds' so it can be towed behind a 4x4 on the road or slide into a standard shipping container. Once afloat the 8m x 5m 'mini multicat' can lift, pull and carry an impressive deadweight and has a wide range of commercial applications.

The vessel has a range of uses including commercial diving, civils, bridge repairs, aquaculture, light dredging, oil response, disaster & flood relief, SAR, ferry (cars and passengers), survey work, sampling, drilling, superyacht support, military, and film work.

Seawork news team caught up with Toby Budd after all the excitement of winning the Award...

How long has your company been in existence?

Since January 2019.

Tell us more about the development of the WorkFloat platform

It's going really well, we are launching soon.

What was the biggest challenge is getting WorkFloat to market?

It’s all been a challenge - starting a company, raising investment, legals, accounts …. that said I have loved every minute and now we are moving from a start-up into sales it’s a really exciting time.

Who are the key people in your company who worked on WorkFloat?

My investors Jack Gifford, the Naval Architect and Danny, the fabricator

How has the industry received WorkFloat?

It could not have been better, we are involved in a UK demo tour to show people WorkFloat in action

What’s next for your company

The big UK demo tour, and then shortly after sales and we move into production on both models.

Will you be entering the 2020 European Commercial Marine Awards?

Yes, we have a new modular pontoon system we have just filed a patent on. It has structure built into it and a tough wooden deck. As well as being modular and extremely versatile it is also very competitively priced.

We will be bringing both products to Seawork and have booked a large on-water berth. We are looking forward to officially launching the new pontoon system at the exhibition.

For further information on WorkFloat contact

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