Commercial Marine Network - Get Set For Workboat 2050 - Series 3

Series 3 of Get Set for Workboat 2050 will look at practical applications of decarbonisation and provide examples of businesses and workboat operators who are employing technology, innovation, and design to reduce their carbon footprint.

Learn from our expert panels as we demonstrate the benefits and efficiencies being gained by commercial marine businesses who are leading the way forward on the route to net zero. 

Join our panel of experts on Tuesday 28 February 2023, 10:00 - 11:00 UTC for Session 3 which will be hosted online. Session 3 will focus on Incentivising Decarbonisation
 - Exploring different approaches to incentivisation

Kerrie Forster, CEO of The Workboat Association, and Andy Page, MD of Chartwell Marine, will be joined by 3 speakers to discuss how different countries are incentivising the workboat and commercial marine industry to innovate and decarbonise.

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Decarbonisation & OPEX Reduction  
The all-new 2023 Seawork Conferences will deliver bitesize in-person sessions to help commercial marine and workboat operators face the challenge of reducing operational expenditure at the same time as meeting the mandatory targets to decarbonise operations.  

The conference sessions will help owners and operators learn how their businesses can create cost savings whilst benefitting from the latest developments in alternative fuels, hybrid propulsion, technology, and design.  

Taking place on Wednesday 14 June in Conference Room on site a Seawork, the sessions include:

Session 1 - Alternative fuels – how operators can make the right choice

Session 2 - Driving efficiency with hybrid marine propulsion – the next generation

Session 3Smart Onboard Solutions help reduce operator costs 

Session 4 - Vessel Design – Optimising construction, in-life, and OPEX costs

Business Briefings

The Seawork 2023 free-to-attend ‘Business Briefings’ conference sessions will be held across the three days of Seawork. The conferences cover a variety of topics across the Commercial Marine & Marine Civils Industry and will feature sessions and presentations from our Supporting Associations. 
Full details of the 2023 schedule will be released soon.

For further information on how to participate and get involved please contact the events team via email or on +44 1329 825335


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