Seawork FAQs
•    How do I register as a visitor for Seawork?
Registration is online at When you register you get fast-track access to Seawork and the benefits of Seawork Connect, commercial marine business online, all year. 

•    Is there a cost to enter the exhibition?
No – entry to the exhibition is free to all visitors.

•    When is the exhibition open?
Seawork is open to visitors during following hours:
  Tuesday, 11th June: 09:30 – 17:30
  Wednesday, 12th June: 09:30 – 17:30
  Thursday, 13th June: 09:30 – 16:00

•    Is there a cost to park at the exhibition?
You cannot park at the exhibition but there are plenty of car parks nearby and they all charge. West Quay multistory charges £5 for the entire day. Maps to visitor car parks in the local area can be found on Southampton City Council’s website

•    Are children under 16 allowed into the exhibition?
Yes, if they are accompanied by an adult.

•    Are dogs allowed into the exhibition?
Only Guide and Assistance dogs are allowed.

•    Can I book accommodation?
We are working with Event Express who have already secured great deals at the local hotels and are taking bookings. 

For further information contact the team at Event Express on:
Tel.: + 44 01905 732737 

•    Are students allowed into the exhibition?

•    Will there be shuttle buses to and from the visitor car park?
No – all the car parks are walking distance from the Exhibition, so we do not provide a bus. 

•    What time do shuttle buses run from Southampton train station?
Buses run to and from the train station all day – 20-minute cycles. First and last below:
  08:15 from Southampton station 
  17:45 from Seawork

•    Will there be a cloakroom where coats/ bags can be left?
Yes, there will be a cloakroom next to the Organiser’s Office in Hall 1, stand P65, where visitors can leave their coats and bags whilst browsing the exhibition. 

•    Is First Aid available if required?
Yes, fully qualified First Aid staff will be on site and the First Aid Office will be indicated on the floor plan and signposted throughout the exhibition.

•    Where is the Press Office?
The Press Office is in Hall 1 on stand P60

•    Does the Seawork catalogue cost money?
No, the Seawork catalogue is available free of charge from the exhibition.

•    How do I find out about the Conferences? 
The Conference schedule will be on and you can pre-book your sessions via Seawork Connect.

•    How do I get to the conferences?
The Conferences are in the Conference Rooms onsite in Hall 3 at Seawork and signposted throughout the exhibition. 

•    What’s happening during Seawork?
Have a look at the programme under the What’s On section on, see the show catalogue or the Events & Demos boards around the exhibition.

•    How do I get an exhibitor list?
You can see all the current exhibitors by visiting the Exhibitor List section on Or look at the listing in the Catalogue available free at Seawork. 

•    Is there Wi-Fi and computer access at Seawork?
Yes, there is Wi-Fi in the exhibition halls. No charge for visitor use.

•    Are cashpoints available at Seawork?
No, the nearest cashpoint is in West Quay Shopping Centre.

Telephone numbers

Organiser’s office 02380 002602 and 02380 002603 
Press Office 02380 002604
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