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Commercial Marine Network - Get Set For Workboat 2050 - Series 3

Series 3 of Get Set for Workboat 2050 will look at practical applications of decarbonisation and provide examples of businesses and workboat operators who are successfully employing technology, innovation, and design to reduce the carbon footprint.  

Session 1 will focus on innovative vessel designs that are currently in operation. Our speakers provide their insight on the efficiencies being experienced as we take a look at these vessels in practice.

For more Commercial Marine Network | Workboat 2050 sessions go to - WHAT'S ON/ON DEMAND


Seawork is a great place to meet commercial marine professionals.  The leading European commercial marine exhibition takes place in Southampton, UK, 13-15 June 2023

With the focus on doing business there may not always be the time to find out more about the exhibitors "Behind the Badge".  

In this feature we get to know the people at Seawork a little better.

Episode One  - Tony Birr, Century Maritime

Tony Birr spent five of his early career years with the Royal Navy followed by twenty-seven years in the police force, finishing in maritime policing.

He then set up his business consultancy, Century Maritime and, for the last seven or eight years, has worked for a number of clients but predominantly Goodchild Marine.

Tony has attended Seawork many times in his various roles and we are delighted he is our first Seawork Connect “Behind the Badge” interview.

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