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Seawork is a great place to meet commercial marine professionals.  The leading European commercial marine exhibition takes place in Southampton, UK, 11-13 June 2024

With the focus on doing business there may not always be the time to find out more about the exhibitors "Behind the Badge".  

In this feature we get to know the people at Seawork a little better.

PODCAST: 100% electric workboat debuts on Thames

Artemis Technologies’ 100% electric foiling workboat Pioneer of Belfast  made its debut in the UK capital during London International Shipping Week (LISW), and Maritime Journal editor Debbie Mason was given a quick spin down the Thames, courtesy of On Water Operations manager Stephen Milne. Hear our podcast of that expedition!

PODCAST: Interview with North Star CTO James Bradford

North Star CTO James Bradford talks to MJ about a collaboration in offshore charging for wind farm vessels, the exorbitant cost of batteries, incoming regulations and many other issues affecting commercial marine.

North Star has been very busy recently – not least with a recent Memorandum of Understanding it has signed with Stillstrom, a Norwegian offshore charging technology company. 

The two firms have agreed to work out how to integrate North Star’s vessels with Stillstrom’s charging buoys, and in the future how to roll out and scale up across the industry, which Bradford 

PODCAST: Commodore Mel Robinson, CBE ADC Royal Navy

After some three decades in the British Royal Navy, Commodore Mel Robinson, the first woman to lead the Maritime Reserves, is stepping away from the role. She talks to Maritime Journal about a career that has seen her navigate through the pandemic, raise a family, and be one of the few women in the service.

Despite efforts by the Royal Navy to get more women on board, Mel says the ratio of women to men seems to have remained stubbornly the same. But this, she says, has not been a disadvantage and has probably helped her career.

PODCAST: WISTA calls women to arms in maritime

Demand more to get ahead in maritime, women at a rooftop summer reception hosted by the IMO were told last week. At WISTA UK’s second annual summer reception hosted by the International Maritime Organisation in London on midsummer’s evening, June 21, women were told they needed to demand more and ask for promotions in what to now has traditionally been a male-dominated sector.

Formed in 1974, the Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association (WISTA International) is global and connects female executives and decision-makers around the world, with a network of more than 3,800 female professionals from all parts of the industry.

PODCAST: Eminox discusses its EATS game-changer

DMarine engine distributor Frydenbø has selected Eminox to supply its exhaust treatment systems in an alternative to dumping diesel.

The shipping world is desperately seeking new fuels to keep it on track to meet upcoming regulations on emissions that are bound to be coming its way. But British company Eminox, which makes high-speed exhaust after-treatment systems (EATS), says its technology can simply be installed on vessels without all that cost and disruption and still meet IMO Tier III regulations.

PODCAST: The latest member of the Kongsberg AUV family

V-P Marine Robotics Sales Richard Mills introduces the HUGIN Edge, a brand new underwater robot by Kongsberg.

Extensive hydrodynamic modelling together with Kongsberg Maritime’s carbon monocoque design and a refined low-drag hull shape are some of the reasons why the company’s latest brightly coloured autonomous underwater vehicle is being hailed as the most advanced AUV yet.

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